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 Wintersong's Charter

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PostSubject: Wintersong's Charter   Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:32 pm

Dear traveler,

You've found us around an iceblock on the Northern lands of Azeroth, but it's only an illusion to think ice obviously means cold and unfriendly. We are Nel and Khornya. We travelled to the four corners of Azeroth since many years and this world became our passion. We have well-known the whole ages of this earth and nothing is really unknown here for us. And within our journeys, we've found out that the best way to enjoy this game wasn't to follow everyone in their quest of becoming the new European first... but simply play along with the whole content proposed. Past, present, future are melt and can hide treasures you never thought of.
The best proof we can give you is that after 7 years without any break, we're still around here and still discovering many things. The only things about what we get bored is the High Level content's farming. If you have some experience and knowledge about this game, you already know, as us, that the gear and things hardly acquired those last three months, will become absolutely useless when the next patch will be implemented.
And what have you seen those three last months ? The same monsters and bosses on which you spent all your free time, until you get totally sick... with, for most players, an uncompetent team of angry and hungry "friends" who meant to be there for an artificial friendship atmosphere. You were only here to get your loots, and the ones you call "friends" were here for the same reasons. That's why they will certainly soon split off and take their life back in their hands, spiting on the game, claiming that it tooks their life during several months.
That history is a cycle we encontered many times on this game. That people is the biggest part of World of Warcraft players and we always feel amused to see them : because no doubt for us. They made their choice and don't want to assume it now.

We made our choice. A choice that we assume for 7 years now. To live in the game for what it gives and not what it takes. For friendship, exchanging our experiences and our cultures, having fun and discovering many singular ways to play this game. The most expensive cost of World of Warcraft is not the subscription you pay everymonth. It's the precious time you can waste in the game if you play it the wrong way.

"Time is money frieeeeeeeend !" will say the goblins. Indeed. Make the right choice now. Pay for having fun, souvenirs, friendship, interesting community exchanges. Do NOT pay for some piece of gear to grab two more points of agility.
You should only wonder what feeling you wish to have the day World of Warcraft will be over : "Damn, already over ?! I want more !" or "Damn... all this time wasted for that ?!"

What can we propose, pratically ?

Today our goal is to create a little (or big !) community of players who wants to enjoy the game our way. Because you think we can be right ? Because you already wasted your time the wrong way and want to have fun now ? Because you are just curious ?
We travel the world to complete all the guild activities we can. Completing achievements, playing the whole game parts, taking care of our characters so beloved, professions, old content, challenges, exploring, roleplaying...
And when we do not travel, we play along within interesting and social talks.

What we expect from you ?

The simple thing we expect from you is to respect our lifestyle and to be polite. Everyone here comes from many parts of Azeroth and many parts of the world. Some like to melt the two worlds, some other prefer keep separate the ingame life and the outgame life. Some are old geeks, some are beginners in all. Some like money and play goblins, others don't like money and want to play goblin to change their uses.
Everyone is different and can be a part of it, at the simple condition to respect his neighboor.

About the rules.

The rules are the same as Blizzard's advises. Remember only one thing. One's freedom stops where the other one's begin. This community allows all type of discussions, roleplaying or not, and all type of subjects in the scope of the "expression freedom's right" as far as no one tries to impose his will to another. The specifics rules of Wintersong are volontary very limited, as the goal is to behave with clever and adult persons who are open-minded enough to manage themselves in every situation. If anything went wrong, anyway, in any case, you are strictly asked to refer to us for any decision to take or any situation to manage.
No character's level, character's gear, player's age, player's origin or anything else are restricted. Feel free to introduce yourself.
If you are a new comer into our guild. You will apply it for about a month. This is a way for you to be sure to feel good with us, and a way for us to ensure you are at the right place. Within this period, you will be allowed to do everything you want, except that you won't have any access to the guild vault. It is a security rule we're sure you can understand. Anyway, if something is interesting you, you're invited to inform Nel or Khornya who can put this to your reach if the circumstances are righteous.

The snow ball Welcome home ! The snow ball

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Wintersong's Charter
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